European Digital Competence Framework (DigCompEdu)

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In today’s world it is almost impossible not to be aware that digital tools are all around us. Nowadays, people are exposed to a whole new technological world from a very early age. Even the older generations are exposed to new digital devices. Yet, can one say that anyone who is aware of the existence of these such devices is a digital competent citizen? Definitely not.

The European Union identified the need for digital competent citizens and set up the DigCompEdu Framework in response. In compulsory education, both teachers and learners are being equipped with a set of devices to ensure that the young generation is able to create, criticize and be part of the digital society. The ultimate aim of this framework is to enhance the use of other the already-existing models of teaching and learning through the use of digital tools.

The whole DigCompEdu framework can be viewed here.

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