Linking the Curriculum Mapping with SAMR

While working on our Curriculum Map, my colleague and I discussed a Mathematical activity linked with times tables.

(Curriculum Mapping – Elaine and Lorella, 2019)

Something that is already being done in class is a ‘Substitution’ task in which the reciting of the times tables as a whole class was replaced by watching a Youtube video. This is more fun for the learners in class and helps motivate the majority of them, especially those who are both visual and auditory learners since the videos appeal to both senses.

We also came up with a new task which falls under ‘Augmentation’ as it is a direct substitution and shows the learners in real time whether their answers are correct. By using the Maths application called ‘Bingo’, the learners can work different multiplication sums. In this app “multiple difficulties levels for each game type can challenge kids from kindergarten to middle school” (Applied Educational Systems, 2019).

This is also done in a fun way and learners tend to enjoy themselves more. I believe that this app is beneficial for all the learners as it has different levels on which the learners can work .

The low-ability learners do not feel discouraged, as the first sums in the game are doable by all levels. They are also given the opportunity to re-try the game when their answers are wrong. Repetition also helps these learners as it is important for them to consolidate what they have already learnt.

At the same time, high-ability learners can feel more challenged as once they go through the so-called “easy” levels, they can move on to the harder ones without having to wait for their peers to finish.

I believe that this has shifted the teaching emphasis from the teacher to the learners themselves as they are empowered to work at their own pace and achieve their personal best.


Applied Educational Systems, I. (2019). What Are 21st Century Skills?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jan. 2019].

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